Saturday, 30 January 2010

We also 3 Kings

Only five unnecessary words this time (and those were them) (okay, twenty eight altogether including the original five, these ones and the 'and those were them' in brackets)......

Right, Buddug and Amy have pretty much sorted the invite. It looks great.

Louise has sourced and bought the fluorescent twine we're using for display. So, now we need to track down Brown Warehouse Coats (about £20 each is the best I've come up with).

Also on the subject of display, one idea kicking around for presenting the smaller stuff is brown paper (wrapped around blocks?)/brown envelopes. Have a think and see if you can come up something that works logically and aesthetically.

Press packs need to go out in 2 weeks. Adi is compiling the targets. Amy is collating the kit. Basically it needs to sow a seed consciously/sub-consciously on it's journey from letterbox to the bin. Therefore, along with invite, press release (Louise), a couple of badges (Me) and a raffle ticket, any other ideas that can be ready in 2 weeks should be put forward at next meeting. We want to include some game, something that engages physically or mentally.

Buddug is sorting out a myspace and facebook thang.

Just over a month to go. The games need to be nailed down, maybe 6 different ones?

Next meeting, next thursday, same place, different table, who knows?

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