Sunday, 24 January 2010

We 3 Kings

HELLO WORLD!!! Hello Timothy Information Limited. I couldn't hear you. HELLO TIMOTHY INFORMATION!!! Thank you, that's better. Right, now simmer down at the back.

The 3 kings meet was good. Same place next Thursday and forever afterward until someone comes up with a different location.

2 ideas discussed that can be easily sorted are:
1. Roll of lining paper. Visitors given envelope with pencil and instruction (draw '?' while blindfolded, draw '?' with other hand, draw '?' with foot, etc........). All drawings remain on paper roll.
2. Visitor given envelope with instructions to make brown(?) paper aeroplane. They then try to get it to land in a bucket to win a prize.

3 ideas which need a bit of work:
1. Picture consequences. Each visitor is invited to draw a picture of a link for a massive necklace, this is folded over and hidden ready for next participant to add their link design. This could be done in 3D with wire, each designed link is then secreted in a brown envelope.
2. Mystery prize wrapped in brown paper. Visitors get raffle ticket with link to website and then instructions on how to enter to win. What's the prize?
3. Lucky dip. Maybe for small donation?

There are some other ideas that need to be discussed at next meeting. Meanwhile keep the ideas coming, especially developed to a point where we can visualise how they might operate in the space.

1. Fluorescent twine/string/cord/wire. Search the world for lime green, orange and pink fluorescent twine (approx. 3mm diameter if possible).
2. While on your quest look also for brown warehouse coats.
3. Think of different ways we can display the smaller jewellery work. Bring ideas to next meeting.

1. The above 'To do' list
2. Talk about the work you are/are going to produce
3. Sort out a timeline for what needs to be done. And when.
4. What goes in the press kit?

That's it for now. If anyone can think of anything else, just add it. I must lie down now, to rest my delicateness and dream of a world where there's more good stuff than bad stuff. But it's still interesting, though. With telly, e numbers and convenience stores.

GOODBYE WORLD. I said GOODBYE WORLD. Is there anybody out there?

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