Tuesday, 2 February 2010

i really like the idea of wrapping whats there in brown envelopes, and dispaly on that.
it goes with helen's envelopes and using what we have there....
i found flouresent plastic cord in 4d model shop but they are more expensive than that oflouise £1.75 a meter, but really nice colours.....
i got some white thick elastic bands to adi too.....


  1. the brown envelopes background is a good idea!
    thanks for rubber bands :) can't wait to see it xxx adi

  2. Is anything I am saying coming through? This is my 1st ever blog and I am not sure I'm getting it

  3. I've found that Homebase stocks fluorecent tape of different colours and quiet affordable if we want to use it. I'll stop by tomorrow and will post images and prices.